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• Does your tenant owe you rent?
• Has your tenant damaged your apartment or store or rental unit?
• Do you want to evict your tenant?

In order to demand rent or demand that your tenant vacate the rental unit, certain legal procedures must be followed. If these procedures are not followed precisely your case may be delayed and even dismissed which will end up being more costly to you.

• Did you landlord lock you out of your apartment?
• Is your landlord harassing you or trying to evict you?
• Does your landlord refuse to maintain your apartment?

Picerno & Associates, PLLC conveniently handles all types of landlord/tenant matters and disputes including residential and commercial, non-payment, holdover, illegal lock-outs and notice-to-cure cases in all New York City boroughs, Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx and Staten Island, as well as in Long Island, Nassau and Suffolk counties.

Here at Picerno & Associates, PLLC we have a vast amount of experience handling landlord and tenant cases in the most professional and diligent manner working for the best outcome for our clients whether they be tenants or landlords. We will take the time to explain to our clients the processes of an eviction, non-payment or a notice-to-cure procedure.

Call us today at 718-445-1233 to schedule an appointment for your free consultation to discuss your landlord/tenant matter.
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